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What type of leather walking boots to buy?

Leather walking boots

What type of leather walking boots to buy?

Walking boots do wear out, and from time to time they will need replacing, if you don’t know what you are looking for when purchasing boots, we have created a checklist to help you decide.


Firstly, look at the quality of the sole. The sole should be thick in order to maintain the different terrains from your walking expeditions. The sole should have thick rugged cleats, with plenty of grip in order to help when on expeditions etc.


Leather walking boots are very hard wearing, therefore, they will not need to be replaced as often. However, for those who do not agree with the leather walking boot, the alternative is synthetic. Synthetic boots are lighter, therefore are more popular with walkers who like to go on smaller walks.


Depending on what type of walking you will be doing will depend on the type of boot which is most appropriate for you.


For example, if you are lowland walking, then the type of boot you need is a flexible and comfortable one.

A boot which would be ideal for this type of walking is the Grisport Palermo. These are part of the lightweight trekking collection. They also have a breathable lining and spotex waterproof outer, perfect for the lowland walking in any weather.

leather walking boots

However, hill walking boots are much more sturdy and do not offer as much flexibility. Therefore, when walking up mountains and hills, these types of boots will offer support for your foot and ankle. Leather walking boots will be the best option for this, as leather will create a stable boot, helping your ankles with the support.

Our best seller, the Grisport Glacier is ideal for this type of trekking. Fully leather to protect your feet and ankles from strain of uphill/downhill trekking. With them being waterproof and breathable, they are ideal for the more extreme hiking.

If you would like to view more walking boots, then click here to view our full range.

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