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How to look after your leather walking boots


How to look after your leather walking boots

To keep your leather walking boots looking brand new, we are letting you into our secrets in helping you look after them in the best way. As we all know when you are walking on hikes, they are going to get dirty in some way and if they are not properly looked after, then they will need replacing sooner than needs be. By not cleaning then properly can result in cracked and rotted leather walking boots.

After you walk

Before you go and relax after your walk, there are a couple of things to do before you can have a cup of tea.

  • Firstly, you need to brush off the dirt, get as much off as possible as it will help in the next stages.
  • For a thorough clean of your boots, we suggest you wash your laces after every 3 walks. Making sure the dirt doesn’t rub off on to the fibres of your boots.
  • Wash the remaining dirt with moisturising soap, we would suggest Saddle soap for the best results.
  • Allowing your leather walking boots to dry naturally is the best way to allow your shoes to fully recover from the walk. We suggest leaving them for at least 24 hours to gain the best results.

Re-apply waterproof wax

In order to keep your leather walking boots waterproof, you will need to re-apply wax monthly or when needed. This will help you preserve your boots for as long as possible. On waxed leather walking boots, we would recommend using Nikwax waterproofing cream. It helps maintain and support breathability of the boot, therefore, enabling your shoes to perform to the best they can.

Protecting the inside of the boot

Do not only think you should clean what you can see, the inside of the boot gets worn out too. However, this can be prevented by undertaking some tips. Make sure you wear appropriate walking socks, as this will help with the odour and damage inside the boot. Click here to view our full range of socks.


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