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How to break in Hiking boots

Hiking boots

How to break in Hiking boots

Once you have found your perfect hiking boots, it is now time to break your shoes in. It is always advised that you give yourself at least one month prior to your hike in order to fully break them in.

Breaking them in is essential to avoid blisters and cuts on your feet. Therefore, there are a few steps before going on your hike we would recommend to help make your hike problem-free.

Leather boots tend to need more breaking in, as the material is tight and it will take longer for them to mould to the shape of your foot. Synthetic boots will not need as much time to break them in, however, we would still recommend one month to break them in.


#1 wear them like a pair of slippers

Before you even step foot outside with your new hiking boots on, it is essential that you break your boots inside. So while you are walking around the house, put your hiking boots on as if they are a pair of slippers. Make sure you wear some hiking socks and any arch supports that you would wear on the actual hike. This allows the boot to mould specifically to your foot.


#2 Take them outside

Once you have got use to wearing them in and around the house, it is now time to take them outside. We would only recommend to walk 10 minute to start with.

Once you have got comfortable with these 10 minute walks, we would now suggest to talk through parks and up/down some hills, to let you really feel how they are for when you start your hiking.


#3 tips

  • Make sure in the last week of breaking them in, you carry a weighted bag, this will allow your boots to fully know the weight and allow that extra little bit of moulding ready for the hike.
  • In leather boots, you will notice a crease across the front of the boot where your toes and foot bend. Every so often throughout the month, bend them a little more, to allow the sole to stretch. Allowing you to get the most amount of movement through your boots.
  • Lastly, happy hiking!


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