Best coastal walks – you will need breathable walking boots
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Best coastal walks – you will need breathable walking boots

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Best coastal walks – you will need breathable walking boots

Coastal walks are always a great adventure, with the beautiful scenery and the fresh air to blow those cobwebs away. Therefore, we have come up with our top picks of coastal walks but some of these walks are long and we would recommend breathable walking boots.


#1 Beer to Branscombe, Devon

This is roughly a 5 mile walk, it is great for dog walkers, as the whole path is dog friendly, with paths leading down to the beach. So your canine friend can have a run on the beach as well. There are also some dog friendly pubs along the route and at the end, perfect for a reward after your walk.


#2 Lower Largo to St Monan, Fife

If you are up in Scotland near Fife, then this walk is a must. Starting on a beach of shells, then passing through a nature reserve, and finally ending up on high cliffs. This walk has something for everyone. While finishing up at the castle, St Monan’s. Roughly 9 miles.


#3 Sandwood Bay – it’s a secret

If you are looking for a longer walk, this is 10 miles. It is a secret bay, with no car park, the only way to reach it is a 5 mile walk along a moorland track. So if you are looking for something different, this walk is certainly a walk that will get you talking with your fellow walking friends about. On all long walks it is essential you allow your feet breathe while ensuring you keep them dry and this is why for longer walks such as this on we would recommend a set of Grisport Breathable walking boots.


#4 West coastal path: Llŷn Peninsula

If you are into wildlife, this walk is defiantly for you. It has hidden coves and beaches, with cliff top paths, walking through small harbours. Perfect for walkers who want something a little different.


#5 Craster to low Newton, Northumberland

If you love fish, this walk is for you. To line your stomach for the walk, enter the Jolly Fisherman in Craster (home of Craster kippers) at the beginning of the trail.

This walk will enable you to view the beautiful villages of Dunstanburgh and Embleton Bay.



For coastal walks, breathable walking boots are a must, yet still being sturdy. Therefore, we recommend, a mixture of both Leather walking boots and synthetic upper boots. Our recommendation is the Grisport Palermo, with assorted leather uppers, sportex waterproof lining and breathable walking boots. This boot would be perfect for any coastal walk.

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