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How to make hiking with your kids easy and fun!

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How to make hiking with your kids easy and fun!

Hiking with your kids not only helps them get into the fresh outdoors but it allows you to feel a real connection with them, teaching them the best practices and showing them the beautiful scenery wherever you may be. We know it can be intimidating for a parent, but don’t worry, we have the perfect guide to help you make the most out of this experience.


Keep it easy

The same with adults, if you go into a long walk straight away, it will put you off hiking for a while. Which is why we suggest to take them on a short hike, let them get use to their hiking boots, and the nature of walking outdoors. We would suggest to pick a hike which has some big features, maybe a place to walk to so they have something in sight to aim for. Try and take them for a hike which they will remember, kids like to get dirty, so take them on a hike which allows them to get on their hands and knees to climb under. Remember, if you are planning on doing this, make sure you have visited the trail first to see if it is suitable for them to take part in.


Plan for plenty of time

Kids want to touch and feel everything, so let them, they will enjoy the great outdoors if they can fully see the natural beauty. So let them explore to their full potential. If they have a great experience it will leave them wanting to go again!


Prepare for everything

This goes for any hike, whether your kids are there or not, plan for every eventuality. Remember to bring your first aid kit, and if with your kids, pack plenty of plasters just in case! Baby wipes can be a life saver for these types of hikes, we all know kids can get messy so they are the perfect item to pack in your rucksack.


Create games along the way

Make it fun, create games along the way so your child has to spot different objects on the trail or create a checklist of wildlife they have to spot. The list can go on!


Make it a habit

Hike as often as you can, we all know you and your children have busy lifestyles but when you can, hike. Hiking is the best way to interact with your kids and it can create a real bond not only with you and your children but also with them and the outdoors. Teach them to love the outdoors and leave no trace, teach them the seven principles so it will stay with them for the rest of lives.


If your child hasn’t got the right equipment for hiking, don’t worry, we have you covered. Take a look at our Grisport youths Alpine hiking boots to allow them to move freely in the outdoors while wearing the right gear.

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